When I got out, it was like I was returning from the dead.
The people around me didn’t understand that I had changed, and I didn’t understand why they had changed. It was painful. I wasn't let down by them per se but rather by my expectations of what those relationships would look like.
But despite all that I kept showing up, because I promised myself in prison I would show up for my life when I got out. I had to do what I said I would do, so I focused on that.
Re-entry would teach me to not expect so much of others, but to expect it of myself. I owned my freedom no matter how painful it was.
I wrote the original business plan for Personal Legends when I was locked in a cage. It freed my mind while my body was still incarcerated.
Now I'm out. I'm pursuing my personal legend. And my dream is that this brand inspires you to pursue yours.


We believe that it's time for you to pursue your personal legend. That when you begin to live your personal legend, the entire universe conspires to help you.

And we believe that when you do what you say you’ll do, you can create your own opportunities in a different set of circumstances. You'll own your freedom.

That’s what I did. I believe you can do it too.


SWAGG INC is a non-profit organization that believes that when you get out you should stay out. SWAGG helps people stay out when they get out through a variety of services.

A portion of every dollar you spend here goes directly to support SWAGG INC.

When you live your personal legend, you're automatically helping formerly incarcerated people lives theirs.